Girls Fight Back is dedicated to the fighting spirit and genuine heart of Shannon McNamara. Shannon was a student at Eastern Illinois University and a member of the Alpha Phis sorority. She was murdered in June, 2001. The horrific details of her death left many people baffled, wondering....."Why Her"?

Through the existence of Girls Fight Back, Erin Weed (founder), hopes that women who take her program or become inspired by some portion of it never fall victim to a violent crime. Erin urges all women to take responsibility and learn how to protect themselves, rather than depending on someone else to do so.

GIRLS FIGHT BACK -- Click on the link below to learn more!

Erin is a native of Schaumburg, IL, she graduated from Eastern Illinois University in Dec. 1999 where she earned a degree in Communications with a minor in Public Relations. Her efforts were tireless in promoting women's issues on campus and she was an annual participant in the rape crisis center "Take Back the Night" march.

Erin paid Erie, PA a visit during the weekend of March 15, 2002. She trained with us along with other women in our full contact Model Mugging self defense program. Her experience is one I'm sure she'll remember for a long time!

Street Smart Self Defense for Women wants to help Erin in her mission and quest for success with Girls Fight Back. Her ideals are consistent with the overall goals and objectives of the Erie chapter of Model Mugging. We are behind you 100% Erin!!

Sincerely, your friends at "Street Smart" (Erie, PA)